Friday, April 3, 2009

23rd Feb - O´Cebreiro

We took a bus in the morning but ended up walking anyway because there will soon be a festival and there were no ‘rural’ buses. That turned out to be a blessing because on the walk we saw the most beautiful scene. The fog was so thick it was covering a town and the valley below.
We then ended up in O´Cebreiro. I’m glad I went through here. It was strange to be in such an old place. It’s such a beautiful and bizarre little village. There were lots of round stone houses with roofs made of straw.
Apparently in the twelfth century a faithless priest in O´Cebreiro was celebrating mass. The weather was so dreadful that he assumed nobody would come. But one farmer did make the trip. God wanted to reward the farmer so he turned the host into flesh and the wine into blood. Then a statue of the Virgin Mary bowed down to the miracle.
The small stories on the Camino are what makes travelling so wonderful.

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