Sunday, August 7, 2011

My wonderful mother who drives me crazy

I feel that the following emails will explain a lot.
The first is from me to my parents.
The second was quite seriously written by my mother.

1 Feb 2009:

Hi parents,

I went for an elephant ride yesterday. Our mahout jumped off, and
our elephant decided to go in the river. So there we were in the
middle of a river with our mahout laughing at us from the bank.
I was slightly worried until I realised that riding elephants should be in my blood.
So I hopped off the seat and went and sat on his head which was great. I
also got punched in the thigh by a street kid because Mr G refused to
buy me a rose. It was pretty funny.

Mr G also got attacked and hugged by a baby who was quite taken with his
blonde arm hair.

Today is a quiet day, we're going to see if we can go out to some caves now.
I attached some photos.

love from Miss A.

2 Feb 2009:

Felicitations oh wayward daughter,
I was relived to hear that you are still with us.

However it must be noted that, outwardly at least, you have once
again failed to maintain the self restraint and decorum expected of
someone of your age and lineage. May I remind you that you are
embarking on holy pilgrimage. Cast your mind on matters spiritual
and curb that look of extreme irreverence and unwholesome levity
that I witness in every image.

(Pardon my ignorance but are all the elephants tiny or just the
ones you were permitted to ride?)

I genuflect before St Afra with my Rosary clenched in my hands
asking that you be assisted in your quest.

Your prudent and devoted Mother