Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Far out. I love Twitter.

Mr P told me that I shouldn't expect to find any creative fulfillment on Twitter.

In return, I wrote him a haiku. Then I wrote him another one about how he loves pickles. Then I sent him the one I wrote about ugly mermaids.

I almost followed Sam Worthington. Almost. Then I realised that I was crossing the fine line between adoration and crazy-stalker. Yes, they tweet in order to 'keep in touch' with fans, but really famous people probably think fans are mental.  It's like patrons that have favourite librarians.

I shall tweet about pirates and fun things in rare books.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Library girls are the best girls

All it took feel better was a charming young man and a soundsuit.

A patron came up to me and told me "you're an information ninja. You have the answers."  So of course, I found what he wanted.  Then he proceeded to compliment my library and then announced "Libraries have the best girls. My friend told me he wants to meet someone nice like my girlfriend. I told him, if you want to meet a great girl, go to a library."

I almost fell over. 

Prior to that, a colleague (admittedly, she's very cool), showed me images of Soundsuits.  They are amazing. The artist is Nick Cave, but not the Australian Nick Cave (although I wouldn't have been surprised). I'm not sure how I will do it, but Soundsuits are now on the list. If I can't own one, I must wear one.

Who would have thought. I was so upset with life, and wearable sculpture made it all better.