Friday, April 3, 2009


Sarria was an accident that happened on the way to Samos. We didn’t mean to go there, because I was stuffed. I couldn’t stand the thought of adding extra kms to the walk even for a giant monastery. But we got confused due to either fatigue or poor signage (a bit of both maybe) and ended up on the road to Sarria. So we wandered around the monastery for a while. I was so hungry I didn’t want to wait any longer for food. We stopped at a little bar next to the monastery (if you take a right when you first see the monastery on the Camino, it has tables and chairs out the front and is quite close to the river). There I ate the most horrible omelette in the world, served by the most uninterested man in existence. It was a little bit surprising. For every cafe that has staff that actually want customers, there are three more that view pilgrims as an inconvenience. I felt so disgusting after that meal, that I made a conscious effort to always have bread on me so I wouldn’t ever be forced to chew on lumps of gristle and fat again.
It was a pretty town, but I was totally put off by the bar. Foul foul foul.

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