Saturday, April 4, 2009

25th Feb – Portomarin

The walk from Sarria to Portomarin was hard. We had seen some Spaniards on the way at various times. Eventually they overtook us for the final time. About 15 minutes later we saw them sitting on the ground treating their blisters. Not pretty. At that point I was very glad we’d taken care of ourselves and had rests.

The first view of Portomarin was wonderful. The dam was so still that the reflection of the town in the water was a perfect mirror image. Walking across the bridge was great fun - I don't know what it is about walking across a stretch of water. For some reason I just find it fun. Easily pleased I suppose.

Of course, once you see the city, you still have to walk through it up to the albergue. The woman we needed to see wasn’t around so we sat out the front and waited. A freaky looking white dog wandered up to Gill and slobbered all over his pants. I found this hysterical. He didn’t, so after some yelling the dog trotted away.

The albergue itself was quite new and nice. But it held one dreadful shock that I hadn’t been prepared for. As always, I dumped my stuff and went to have a shower. I found the women’s bathroom, walked in and… there were no doors on the shower!!! I know, I shouldn’t have been so horrified, seeing as it was a female only bathroom, but I am not really happy with the idea of showering in front of people. It’s not exactly a good way to relax.

It’s a nice looking town though. In the morning there was a wonderful amount of fog and when I turned around to look back, the church rose up out of the fog. It was so beautiful. The old city of Portomarin lies beneath the dam. The church was moved stone by stone to the new location. The stones still have the numbers on them. It is one of the most beautiful places I have seen on the Camino.

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