Saturday, April 4, 2009

26th Feb – Ligonde

Ligonde was a tiny place with a lovely albergue. We had stopped at a place about 4km earlier and were told to keep walking because there was nowhere to stay. So we continued. Until we saw a lovely new looking building that, of course, was closed. I was so tired. But we pressed on because there was nothing else to do. And about half a km more there was another albergue! This always seems to happen. You see one that is closed, then right around the corner is an open one. It’s as if Spain is laughing at us. But unfortunately this is where we met some obnoxious Spaniards again. They were nice enough, but they were in our faces and simply HAD to keep their radios on all night.
Dinner at the tiny restaurant across the road was wonderful. It was basic food, and none of it was particularly tasty, but the sheer amount was very welcome. It was quite fun, as we watched Spanish film clips for ages during dinner. Some 50 year old woman was fronting a band and kept gyrating around the screen (and on a pole) in the tiniest of dresses. Her make-up was an inch thick and very scary. It was funny, but sad at the same time.

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