Friday, March 13, 2009

Things I'd take on the Camino

I made some epic mistakes when I was packing. I took too much, and there were a few items I would have loved to have with me.

Basic gear: jocks, socks and bras x2, lightweight walking pants (quick dry), one thermal top, a jumper, a wind/rain-proof jacket, scarf, gloves and beanie/hat. This is for winter. It gets bloody cold.
A watch with an alarm - Once I woke up and everyone else had left. A loud ringing noise in my ear would have been quite handy.
Earplugs - People snore and rustle and for some reason some Spanish men like to play their radio all night long, tormenting the other pilgrims
Sleeping bag
First aid kit
Walking poles!!! WHY DIDN’T I BUY THESE?
Hand sanitizer - I love this stuff, and unlike others on the Camino, I didn't get sick.
A poncho – I was especially pleased with mine because I’d put some extra buttons on to stop it flying off me in windy weather. Hi5 to me. It's also nice to have something to sit on when it's lunch time on the road.
Tea - Because I like to be soothed.
Honey - for the bread I seem to attract
Nuts - Nuts in Spain are so expensive it’s absurd, but they are so damn tasty
Small Camino map - I like to see where I am and where I’ve been. Makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere.
My grooming pack - I don’t care if it took up room. Sometimes after a rough day it’s nice to be washed. Things aren't so nice when you look like a dirty bridge troll for weeks on end.

Extra t-shirts and similar stuff - I didn’t need them, there’s ample opportunity to wash clothes in sinks
My massive 3L camelback - A smaller one would have done fine – there are a million places to get water along the way, and while people might say ‘you don’t have to fill it up’ it still takes up room.
My mobile phone – I’ve been out of credit for ages, and it just took up space and added weight. So did my charger.

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  1. Thanks for this post - I am almost packing (I leave for Spain in mid-April) and instict agrees with what you listed. I want to travel light...but not feel really deprived.

    I'll post my list a day or so before I depart.

    In Sunny Santa Fe, Counting Down the Days