Friday, March 13, 2009

20th Feb – Hospital de Orbigo

I'm now posting things I wrote while I was on the Camino, so forgive me because they are all jumbled and out of date. I'm in London now, and missing the Camino a lot.

I’m injured, cold, homesick and snuffly. But I’m still happy. It says a lot for Spain and the Camino if I can be in a rotten state and still be happy. A tiny walk today and it took us forever. I couldn’t walk far despite my foot being strapped. Thankfully, the next town was very close.
I’m sitting in the kitchen of our albergue in Hospital de Orbigo. We just got kidnapped by our fellow pilgrims who had cooked too much food and so we sat and ate first dinner with them. We’d already bought food, so Gill is now making second dinner so that our food doesn’t go to waste. As I am the hurt member of our little party, I am sitting down and providing helpful encouragement. I will also make sure I eat second dinner while mumbling my appreciation.
There is a lovely American woman here called Anna. I call her ‘master-painter Anna’ – silently of course. She showed us one of her water colours today. I was amazed, then I was impressed, then I was consumed with envy mixed with respect. Of course, she doesn’t think she’s as good as she actually is.
This albergue is lovely. Freezing cold, and the water in the showers is warm rather than the steaming hot you actually need in this weather, but it’s nice. Plus, as Anna worked out, there is a little heater you can set up in the bedroom. I’m a fool – I took one look at it, thought ‘air-con’ and walked past. The bathrooms are quite nice, and most importantly, there is a kitchen. It’s not much at first glance, but it is wonderfully functional. Nothing quite like being able to eat after a day of walking.

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