Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stress less

I went to the doctor today because I was a bit worried that my generally glossy outlook on life was becoming a bit tarnished and grey.

She ran a bunch of tests and made me do a quiz. Apparently I'm not in any way depressed, but my stress levels are extreme. As in off the chart kind of extreme. When she told me this I said 'Yes, I'm not very surprised by that' and I blinked at her like a stressed out owl. Then I pulled out some feathers.

Sigh. Apparently I'm doing the right thing with the workouts. But that's it. She is very gung-ho about making sure I relax more. The question is, when do I relax? How do I relax? I think I may have forgotten how.

I always think, have a bath, that's relaxing. But it's not. First it's too hot and then it gets too cold and I run out of hot water and then I feel sad.

Read a book, that's relaxing. NO IT'S NOT. You'd think so. But only if I like the book I'm reading.

I'm left with movies. I can do movies. Movies transport me away from myself even if they are completely rubbish.  I work near a movie theater, I could go during lunch if I really wanted.

Perhaps that can be my thing this week. I'll go to a lunch time movie to relax.

When I think about stress, I think about Sage Francis singing Worry Not and I shake my head.

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