Sunday, September 16, 2012

All the best songs are about love

I love my iPod so much that I have taken to wearing it around my neck at work, just in case something boring happens and I can sneak the headphone in.

1. Stone Temple Pilots: Still Remains
I think this might be the best love song ever written.

2. Iron and Wine: The Trapeze Swinger, Upward Over the Mountain, Flightless Bird American Mouth
These all just break my heart. The Trapeze Swinger (favourite of the moment) and Such Great Heights make me want to run away and have adventures. Flightless Bird American Mouth is gorgeous. It makes me think of The Notebook (and no, I don't mean Twilight). I have a sneaking suspicion that Iron and Wine is probably responsible for people falling in love when they shouldn't.

3. Obvian: Mr Wineglass
This is embarrassing. I've known Nath for 13 years now. Hearing him play his version of The Good Gardener is pretty much the best thing in the world. I'm so cranky that I don't have a better version of this video. I've seen him play it 1000x and I never thought to video it. Next time. I'm not sure how he managed to write something that I love so much. It seems unreal - he's a massively talented artist as well. Not fair really. This recording of Mr. Wineglass is average. Luckily I have the real version to marvel at.

4. Radiohead:  Thinking About You
This is a bit of a brutal song. Not good for times of sadness.

5. The Smiths: I Know It's Over
I first heard the Jeff Buckley cover, which introduced me to The Smiths.

6. Plain White T's: Hey There Delilah
This is just the cutest song in the world. When this came out, there wasn't a girl alive who wasn't completely in love with it. "A thousand miles seems pretty far, but they've got planes and trains and cars, I'd walk to you if I had no other way" *tear*. It's adorable.

And in no particular order:
Tim Buckley: I Never Asked to be Your Mountain (because I didn't)
Sun Kil Moon: Lily and Parrots (a friend once told me this was the worst song she'd ever heard...)
Pearl Jam: Smile
Dave Matthews Band: Two Step (again, responsible for many a girl falling in love by accident)
Kid Dynamite: Wristrocket
Frank Turner: To Take You Home (apparently this relationship didn't work out)
Elliott Smith/Mary Lou Lord: I Figured You Out
Augie March: The Good Gardener 
The Mamas & The Papas: Twist and Shout (this is a fantastic cover)

This has been a fun post.


  1. I actually have a 'Romance' playlist on my iPod. And a 'Sad songs' playlist too. It's great. There are lots of Simon & Garfunkel songs on both of those. They rock my world.

  2. Ohhh. I almost put "I am a Rock" on the list!

    Now I want to know what's on your 'happy' list.

  3. I will show you when we catch up next, but from memory, the very first song is I Will Walk 1,000 Miles, by The Proclaimers. It's great.