Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kissing disease

I had a follow-up appointment with the Dr today and I got some marvellously shit news.

Along with low vitamin D* levels and seriously low iron, I have glandular fever. No wonder I've been apathetic about everything.

Yes, I realise that this is something that 17 year olds get after all playing spin the bottle. My mum even asked me who I've been kissing before telling me I didn't kiss enough boys in high school. Wow. What do you say to that? I told her that I only kissed Mr C during school and he didn't have mono. I think that was an overshare because she changed the topic.

So, I'm supposed to rest. I have taken a tiny bit of annual leave from work but I haven't told my academic supervisor yet. I don't want to rest, I want to be back to normal so I can train and study and work. But I guess I have to do as I'm told on this one because I'm fairly sure that's how I'll stop feeling like crap. Funny that I just posted about my inability to relax.

It's not a good time to be tired. Work is crazy and home is crazy. Not to mention that this doesn't make sense. I mean, I went RUNNING the other day. How can I have mono? Everyone has been saying that I'll find I'm too exhausted to even move, yet I've obviously been sick for at least a few weeks and I've been doing alright. Tired yes, but newborn-kitten-weak? No.

I think I'll tackle this as follows.

1. Rest. Serious rest. 8-9 hours sleep kind of rest with some little cat naps when needed

2. Eat better. In fact, eat perfectly.

3. Work out. Because I love it and surely that must be a good thing.**

4. When people say 'aren't you tired? I had mono and I was exhausted' say 'yes, but I'm harder than you could ever even dream of being'. Because I am, and glandular fever can kiss my ass which will remain toned even if it kills me.

*Still. Despite drinking VitD oil and rolling around on my lawn in my underwear. Drops don't help, sun doesn't help. I am fairly sure I'm one of those people that wouldn't survive without modern medicine.

**Ok, so I'm not convinced that I'm right on this one, but it's more for my mental health than anything else. Weights=Happy A.

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