Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rules for writing a thesis

350 words in, and I'm back here.

Worse, I just had a major panic that I'd mixed up monotheistic and polytheistic in my proposal. Getting those wrong kind of messes up the entire thing. Turns out I did get it right. I jammed the word mono-cultural in as well and that just blew my head apart when I was doing a re-read. Which, you should never do, unless you want to be brought to tears in the local public library.

I feel like I'm a bit adrift.* Last time I had another Miss A and Mr N holding my hand all the way through. Now it's just me. I mean, I have people who will help, but nobody to provide intensive emotional support. Who will nudge me away from the cliffs of insanity** and explain that I've mixed up my paragraphs? Who will bring me cookies? Who will fix my punctuation???


Still, I've set myself some rules in the hope that I can beat procrastination.

- 400 words per writing session.
- 2 writing sessions a week.
- 1 session straight after breakfast on Saturday. Nothing like a training session to get you thinking!
- if I get to 1000words in a session, I'll let myself spend $100 in a frivolous manner.
- if I don't manage to do my 2 session, or my 400 words per session, I'll pop $20 into my money tin. I'm now saving to go hiking in South America.

Freaking excellent. No matter which way this goes, I can't lose. Although, considering I have no money right now, I'd better crank out another 50 words.

*HA HA HA HA. Adrift. Pirates. HA HA HA
**Great movie. Just saw it at the Astor

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