Saturday, January 28, 2012

A pretty great date

I went on a date this weekend at Mi Corazon, a tequila bar in Brunswick. It was awesome.

I had this crazy cinnamon cocktail, then the pork tacos. Company was great, food was great, venue was great. I am one of those dreadful women that expects to have the night paid for. Unless I suggest the date in the first place, then it's on me. I think that's fair, but each to their own.

Two things that stopped it all being perfect (although it was damn close and I'm being very picky!)

1. He should be there before I am. I hate walking into a place and not seeing the person that I'm supposed to dine with. Yes, this is seriously retentive, but I'm fussy. Too fussy to exist really.

2. He should never finish his meal well before mine. It's a bit sigh-worthy (not in the nice way) when you're still eating and he's sitting there patiently. I hate it when people watch me eat.

And now that I've read that, I feel like a lunatic. Still, it's good advice.

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