Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011 - I think I finally did it

It only just occurred to me that not only have I neglected to do my yearly report, but I may have finally had the year of Miss A.

Every year I try so hard to make sure the 12 month stretch is magnificent, but it never seems to work out. Even when I was hopping about the globe things weren't quite there. But now, for the rest of my life I can sit in my Chesterfield, smoke my hand-carved pipe and ponder the most excellent year that was 2011.

  1. Finished a great job. Moved straight to another great job as a real life librarian.
  2. Bought a house.
  3. Got engaged.
  4. Landed a permanent job in my dream area.
  5. Kept my uni friends
  6. Made some fancy work friends. If I combine my uni crew and my work buddies I have a social life! More importantly, one that I like!
  7. Grew snowpeas. And strawberries.
  8. Started to bake. Muffins, cookies and cupcakes. There was even a burnt and collapsed cake in there. Well done me.
  9. Got fitter and stronger. The best part about this is that my life is so much easier now. I've decided to keep my trainer for good. Or at least until he finishes uni.
Lousy stuff:
  1. Mr N isn't talking to me. Of course, this is sort of a good thing because we can both live our lives without the other person taking up space and thought time. But really, it makes me sad so it's in the lousy stuff pile. Really, this has been the only proper crap thing about 2011.
  2. I'm living far away from Brunswick. I love Brunswick. I love the breakfast. I love the weird guys in skinny jeans. I love the ladies in their 1950s dresses. Still, I wanted a garden and I have a car.
  3. Baking is expensive and it makes me fat. However, the finished products are also delicious and make me feel very capable.
All in all, an excellent year. The rotten things all have good sides.

Things for the new year:
  1. Buy better librarian glasses. Mine are crap because my dad chose them. That's what happens when your father pays for everything (this was 4 years ago mind you).
  2. Learn to do my hair properly. A few weeks ago Mr G's sister transformed my hair from a feral scribble into a sleek and sexy up-do. I think it's about time I learned to do it myself. I'm also going to throw away my gross-person clothes. I may need some help.
  3. Transform my yard from a swampy, neglected, cat-riddled monstrosity into a productive play garden, fit for a wedding. It comes with a little puppy who shall be called Argo.
I'll be 28 this year. I have 3 years left until the major event year.

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