Monday, December 26, 2011

12 years and counting

Made a quick stop off on the way to Christmas lunch to see Mr C. After the biggest hug ever, we got a coffee and had a brief chat. I gave him a copy of The Chrysalids, and he gave me a pair of earrings. Apparently he stood in the jewellery store for ages feeling uncomfortable because he couldn't find a pair of earrings in the shape of books, so he settled on owls because they were the closest thing. I didn't tell him that I spent ages standing in Readings trying to choose a book that would suit him.

Mr G seemed pretty relaxed, which is good considering Mr C will be around forever. I think he's realised that Mr C is not a threat - I told him how before I dated him, Mr C supported me through a rather traumatic relationship, but kept his own feelings well hidden because he likes to do the right thing. I think I might bail Mr C up and ask him to put the Mr N thing in perspective. I'm pretty sure I know what he'll say, but I think I need to hear it from someone who loves me, but isn't IN love with me.

I'm still begging him to come back to Melbourne. I want him to live here so I can see him more often. He countered with an offer to take me to the open range zoo if I come visit him in Adelaide. I think I will - I've almost saved enough for a cheap holiday to Europe, so I may as well spend part of that money watching someone I love pretending he's in Kenya. Seriously, he actually told me we're going to be playing make-believe the entire time. Mad.

*Random side note: Mr G says the wedding should be in November 2012. I say November 2013. I told him that if he wants to get married that quickly then we'll just get the paperwork done now. He wasn't impressed.


  1. "I told him that if he wants to get married that quickly then we'll just get the paperwork done now. He wasn't impressed."

    I suggested something similiar to Miss R. She was also unimpressed.

  2. Ambush. Let's do it. We'll get Jess and Kate to hold some balloons and it'll be a joint wedding. Paperwork, then off for a steak. Perfect.

  3. Balloons!!

    I would adore this. As I'm sure you know.

    Also, check out this surprise wedding reception from Improv Everywhere:

    We could totally re-create this - twice as good, cause it's a double wedding!