Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mariachi El Bronx

Last night I saw Mariachi El Bronx play at Billboard. They were brilliant, and I loved every second of their set.

Vasco Era were supporting, and to be honest, I thought they were rubbish. They sounded like a cross between Silverchair (around the time of Frogstomp) and Ween, only worse. But that's my opinion. I have been known not to understand some types of music. A friend of mine has a band that I just don't get. I really tried, because he's a lovely fellow, but in the end I had to just shrug in confusion.

Anyway, forget the terrible Vasco Era ordeal. They were only on for half an hour (the end of their set was met with a bit of delight from other people too).

So, the set was introduced against a sexual time-line. Matt Caughthran said that Mariachi El Bronx was going to make love to us all. It was VERY funny. As he started talking about unbuttoning our blouse, he suddenly stopped and shouted 'I'm trying to be sexy here!' I think he was being heckled from the front :-D

It was a great night. I'm not surprised it was sold out. I'm going to be all over tickets if they come back. I can't wait for the next time.

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