Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Birthday panic!

My birthday is coming up very quickly.

I haven't decided what to buy myself yet, but I thought of a few options. Considering I have no time to figure out any major trips, these might have to do.

1. Spanish lessons. The second I wrote that down, I remembered that I am meant to be writing a paper, starting a thesis and fixing a house. Can I also manage Spanish lessons?

2. Dance classes. Salsa? I do get freaked out by weird men, so unless I can find a partner to come, I'm not sure if this will work. Actually, this pisses me of, because if Mr N were here, I'd ask him, because at least I'd feel comfortable dancing with him. I may just have to accept that private classes might be the way to go. It'll cost a fortune.

3. Proper woodworking equipment. That could be cool. I could take one of those day courses at our local TAFE to get back up to speed. After all, I have an epic structure to build.

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