Friday, October 28, 2011

Thanks idiot

Hmmm. I managed to set my hotmail up so it deleted emails. A bunch of emails. That I haven't read, or even seen. This explains an annoyed text I got asking why I haven't responded. Responded to what?

Worst part is, it's not hotmail's fault, it's mine. I am a muppet. I tried to be fancy, made a group of friends, then I blocked them all. By accident - in case that wasn't obvious.

I am also amused that it took me this long to figure it out. Why didn't anyone crack it sooner? Why didn't I add my mum to that group? She has a tendancy to text me after every email alerting me to the fact that something is there, waiting for me.

Thank heavens I still have gmail. Which is full of nothing but spam because nobody ever bothers to email me there.

Plus, I wrote this weeks ago, but didn't post it because the posting 'failed'. I hate emails and I hate the internet and I hate everything AND I have very sore arms.

The End.

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