Sunday, October 9, 2011

Close call

I was two seconds away from writing a tragic apologetic email to Mr N. I blame Mr C, tonight he's been talking about books and he asked me to recommend some. I thought of Mr N and felt all sad and puppy faced. Why can't I just apologise and ask if we can be friends? Is that so bad? I miss him!

Then, I read Hawm's post:

As human beings we take perverse pleasure in wallowing in our own pain and misery. Rather than let the scab heal we keep picking at it. We read text messages/emails/letters from people who’ve hurt us. We listen to music, watch movies/tv shows, read books they recommended when they were still part of our lives.

It was the books part that got me. Clever Hawm. Defending the mental health of his friends without even knowing it.

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