Saturday, October 8, 2011

Something secret

While I did announce my engagement to Mr G, I never said how it happened. I suppose I was keeping it close, but then I realised that even though it is unfortunate and rather pathetic, this is my journal. So, I should write it down so that in 5 or 50 years time I can remember things clearly. Plus, if I don't include it, the end of year adventure summary is going to be incomplete.

So, after working out our differences (more accurately, my commitment problems), we decided to go away to Red Hill for our anniversary. I was really getting quite excited about it because I love Red Hill. But I wasn't expecting anything. I KNEW that he wouldn't propose, he told me that he'd never do it on a special day because I'd suspect that, and more specifically, he didn't want to be stressed out on our anniversary.

We stayed the night at his parents place (house-sitting) and when we woke up the next morning I was massively excited. I really adore Red Hill. It's a lovely area. So Mr G goes upstairs to get his stuff and the doorbell rings. I had a weird moment where I wondered what Ita would do - is it rude to open the door when it's not your house? Anyway, I saw two figures, realised that it must be the older ladies next door and thought it best to let them in.

Surprise! It was Mr and Mrs K&S, who asked if I was alright, then handed me a ransom note that had been left with them. Mr G had been kidnapped! By a ninja heatpack I use. Apparently I hadn't paid him enough attention and he was seething with jealousy. To get Mr G back I would have to solve Ninji's riddles. Off we went, to eat breakfast and solve the clues. Turns out that the clues were in Japanese, as were the answers. Ninji, knowing that my knowledge of Japanese is rather limited, provided a cheat-sheet.

The clue gave me the location of the next stop - my favourite cafe in the city, Rue Bebelons (love it love it love it. The place is sweet and cosy, they never charge for soy, and the staff are charming). There, I met Miss J, who sat me down for a coffee and provided me with my next clues. We had a good chat - a little too short in my opinion, then off I went to the Chinatown gates to meet Ninji's henchman. The dastardly Mr R.

He appeared out of nowhere, wearing a fake moustache - the man who introduced me to Mr G and played wingman to us both. He took me for lunch at a Japanese restaurant, where we figured out the last clue. Actually, that's a lie. I couldn't work it out so Mr R told me. Mr G was to be released on the steps of the State Library. If I made it there by 2pm.

I dashed off and bolted up the stairs and Mr G leapt out from behind the pillars. I was so delighted I'm pretty sure I was jumping. He gave me a big hug. Then he told me there was one more surprise in my pocket. I was slightly confused because I knew I had some lip balm there, but sure enough there was a little box.

Clever me. I finally figured it out. And yes, I did panic a bit, but in a good way. I'm not entirely sure about the next part, but I do remember that to make it official Mr G used all of my names, which was a pretty good effort.

Now, the nicest thing about this was the ring. He had taken my grandmother's diamond earring, driven to my old home town and found my high school metalwork teacher. They had set the earring into a ring from there. I was especially pleased that the three people who have changed my life for the better were involved. The ring means something to me beyond the obvious. Also, Mr G has a nice plain silver engagement ring to wear as well.

The engagement party is coming up fast. I am not one for parties (not large ones anyway), but I am looking forward to seeing all my friends. I hope Mr C can make it, he lives so far away now. He's promised to come to the wedding no matter what, so I suppose I can overlook the engagement party.

Anyway, we're trying to negotiate where we'll go for the honeymoon. I want to go to Greece and Turkey (surprise surprise), he wants to go to Japan. We're toying with South America or Canada now.


  1. Okay, that is pretty amazing.

    Also, Canada.

  2. Love, love, love this story. I was so super honoured to be a part of this day, and feel so lucky to know you both.

    And now I'm crying...