Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Snow peas and a lovely new garden

I grew snow peas! Lovely little snow peas! They were delicious. I'd been ignoring the plant because it had fallen over and quite frankly, I was sick of trying to weave it in and out of the dodgy frame it was leaning against. Plus, most people who grow snow peas had their crop ages ago, while my plant was looking miserable.

Foolish Miss A. It had fallen over because it was covered in yummy goodness! Goodness is heavy.

There's something beautiful about growing food. When the first shoot pokes through a plain patch of dirt, it's delicate and sweet looking. It's hard to believe that such a tiny thing will produce food.

I love having my own yard. We had the super lovely Dan from Very Edible Gardens come out to do a permaculture design. I'm getting an orchard, chickens and a few vege beds. Best of all, I get all the things I love to eat. Including blueberries. It all seems a little bit unreal, and I asked for what I thought was impossible, but Dan was magic. He even included an area for the chapel and declared to Mr G that it was practical. HA HA HA! A serious promise is a serious promise. Even if it's completely mad.

I was a little surprised at how well the consultation went. I had time to ask all of my questions and Dan answered them without making me feel stupid. I know I want to be very hands-on and build my garden myself, but part of me now wants to use VEG to do it for me. Maybe I can bring them in at crucial points. Like planting time. And pruning time. And chicken buying time.

Anyway. Baby steps. I have a shovel and I've eaten my snow peas. Very exciting.

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