Thursday, November 22, 2012


This is tough. I work full-time and I need to fit in 16 hours of thesis work a week.  I have the following options.

Both of these options assume that I get to work at 8am, and therefore wake up at 6:30am. If I want to workout, I need to be up at 5:30am.  This means getting to bed at 9-9:30 EVERY NIGHT. Which I'd be quite happy with. But they also only give me 3-4 hours a week of house stuff, which means cooking, cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping. That doesn't sound feasible. Timetable 1 gives me 10 hours of spare time, two which are non-negotiable. Timetable 2 gives me an entire Sunday off, but a brutal Saturday.

This is the final winner. I am now available for Sunday breakfast bookings. Nobody can encroach on any other times because it will ruin me and I might cry.

It's a bit hard knowing that my two great loves take up all my time. I have no people on this timetable.  My psych told me that the thesis is a real commitment, and I have to treat it as such.

True. I should know that. It's a second job really.

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  1. Does this timetable start before or after zombies? I don't want to be responsible for breaking your system ;)