Friday, November 16, 2012

I can budget.

I've given up.

I am a shell of my former self.

The only thing I have right now is that I can budget so well I have somehow managed to save a few hundred dollars in my 'emergency' account in a stupidly short space of time.

So I've decided to open a 'frivolous things' account. I NEED this account so that I can place my hope and faith in material goods.

I will buy a jaunty hat, a stuffed crow and a colourful array of headbands.

HA HA HA! I will conquer this nasty 'emergency' feeling by purchasing things.


  1. I have a little something to cheer you up. It's not a stuffed crow (thought I do know where you can get one), and you won't be able to wear it, but I think it's cool.

    And like all good gifts it's pirate themed ;)

  2. I have seen a stuffed crow for sale, and we bonded. But it wasn't $300 worth of bonding.

    I like presents. I don't mind if I can't wear it. I was given a figurine of an angry sea captain today for my 'tough day support shelf' and he fits in rather well.

  3. Well, it's bigger than a breadbox, so I don't think it will fit on your shelf.