Saturday, June 2, 2012

Brave enough to use an oven

I've been baking! I think Hawm is psychically influencing me.

First I made a huge chicken, leek and bacon pie. It was AMAZING. It's pretty hard to mess up pie, but this really was a winner. Unfortunately I was using the Miss A cooking system, so I can't replicate the pie because I have no idea how much of what I put in.

Then I made gingerbread men. Miss M gave me some lovely cookie cutters - men with bites taken out of them. I was a tad nervous since I've only eaten gingerbread three times, but they went really well. I had a lot of problems rolling the dough out to the same thickness, and it was really sticky and kept clinging to the baking paper. I used more flour but I'm pretty sure my problems would have been solved if I'd used measuring cups. I know full well that I can't judge how much half a cup is. No clue.

I feel like after all the baking (and eating), I should write a bit about this morning. I had a lovely session with Sam. For the first half we did the usual running and body weight stuff. Then he made me do real weights for ages before the boxing in the hope that I'd tire my arms out a bit. It's actually very cute, he gets frustrated because I punch too hard. Who would have thought I'd finally find my sport and it would be something so feral. From ballet to boxing.

Anyway, despite the arm work, we did 400 quick and hard punches in a row. Jabs and uppercuts - I've never done that many in one go before. Almost killed me. Plus, he kept yelling at me, telling me to concentrate and lift my arms higher. Then we did some random combinations he thought up. That was fun until I came close to punching him (by accident - I wasn't concentrating).

Then I wrote a lit review and got caught dancing around the lounge room, brandishing a mixing bowl, to Big Audio Dynamite. All in all, it was an excellent day.

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