Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Yesterday there was an earthquake that shook Melbourne.  All very exciting.

The concerning thing is that I felt my chair shake, and thought 'oh dear, I think I'm having a seizure'. Then I thought 'actually, I doubt this is what a seizure feels like. Maybe I've just finally gone mental'.

Everyone else I know thought 'oh my God the earth is swallowing us'. Brilliant. Instead of jumping to the obvious conclusion (earthquake), I assume I've got brain troubles.

The weirdest part is, after the chair stopped shaking, I thought 'oh good' and kept doing what I was doing. That's right, I assume I've had a brain-hop and once it ends I happily continue with what I'm doing.

Anyway, it was less dramatic than it sounds. A friend over the other side of Melbourne had some cookie boxes fall over in the cupboard. Another friend seemed sad that none of his stuff toppled (although I suspect he'd be like me and wouldn't be able to tell).

As Hawm said, it was just a tremor. Nothing to see or feel here.

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  1. A friend of a friend got a new washer and dryer and was using the washing machine for the first time when the earthquake happened.

    She thought her spin cycle was out of this world.