Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feb 27th - The Wizard of the Camino

My foot has been getting worse. And it seems that every time we aim for an albergue, it's closed and we have to limp to the next one. Yesterday we were slowly making our way to what we hoped was an open one, when the Camino Wizard came up behind us. I could tell he was a wizard because he had a pointy black wizard hat with crecent moons on it. He pointed at me and said 'injured?' I said 'Si!' and pointed at my foot. He said 'I am a doctor. Would you like me to look?' With nothing to lose, and with Gill looking very hesitant, I said 'SI!' and whipped off my boot. He hummed a bit while squeezing my heel and saying 'hurt?' but I was unconcerned by the pain because I was certain that some serious magic was going on. He put my foot down and said 'Tendonitis!' I nodded in awe. He said 'Achilles. I think this word is universal no?' Clever wizard. I believe it is.

He then told me to do short walks and to take asprin. He then picked up his walking staffs and strolled off into the hills, no doubt to bring medical assistance to other pilgrims.

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  1. think that witch doctor can heal unhappiness and help me quit smoking?