Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feb 14th Roncesvalles to Zubiri (22.6km)

No breakfast, because apparently if something says it will open at 8am, it’s a lie. A cruel and horrible LIE! And we couldn’t afford to wait around. So off we went in the hope that the next town could offer something. We scored a croissant in Burguete. Yummo. With our new Swiss acquaintance trailing us, we stormed the first few km until we stopped for lunch. I will never understand this obsession everyone here has with baguettes. You cannot get any other form of bread. Or if something else is available, then you are so confused by the range of bread sticks that you simply cannot look beyond them. Still, I quite enjoyed my omelet which was smushed into a baguette. Tasty and massive. Then, once we moved on, we decided that in the spirit of adventure, we would leave the road in favour of the little Camino path. All I can say is that despite the agony, I regret nothing. It was beautiful. Amazingly beautiful. Snow was everywhere. Thankfully, people had been before us and had made imprints for us to step in which stopped us sinking too far into the snow. Still, it was quite a long and hard slog. I will admit to feeling a little bit nervous about the weather, as I was painfully aware that if it snowed heavily we would be fairly screwed. But everything was fine. At some stages I was bounding along through the snow, unable to stop myself as my pack was pushing me forward and I was literally tripping into the next footprint. Gill, being heavier, was struggling a little bit in the snow, so we reverted back to the road as soon as we could. Which is where I conked out. Although I did perk up at the graffiti we saw which said ‘ Miki Vampire Warriors’. Who doesn’t love vampire warriors. But by the end I was practically crawling along. The path kept going and I had a rather severe blister on my heel which was slapping me around. On finally limping into Zubiri I was horrified to discover that nothing was open. The Albergue was closed, and there seemed to be no other accommodation. The thought of walking another 3 or 4 km into the next town was not something I could entertain. Thankfully, a kind bartender called her friend who came and let us into some rather expensive but lovely accommodation. I don’t think I’ve ever slept as soundly. I also had an strangely flat but excellent steak for my dinner.

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