Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thanks parents

Mum and dad have told me I can live in their flat for a couple of months. I'm moving this weekend - they've put their foot down and told me they'll be expecting me to come round on Saturday with my stuff because we'll be having a family meeting (oh god) about my 'situation' so that we're all on the same page. Mum, dad, my sister and me. In a room. Talking about my love life.


I think they just want to check that I'm not having a breakdown.* I suspect that my dry, rational and emotionless behaviour has been scaring them.  Plus, they know I feel confused and upset, and I think that they're just not willing for me to just sit around the house wringing my hands.

I love it when they jump into action. They've basically constructed a mini-intervention.  Well done olds.

*I'm about 75% sure that I'm not.

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