Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A disco ate my uni

Last week I went into Monash to hand in some forms. On my way back to the bus loop, I went through the Menzies building - this ugly old beast of a thing that has windowless rooms and escalators that never work.

It's turned into a freaking nightclub. It looks so slick inside, I actually stopped to gape for a while. Then I felt terrible and left as soon as I could.

Mr Museum is lucky enough to teach at Caulfield. He agreed that it's a disaster for anyone who took classes in ye olde Menzies. It was a right of passage to clamber up those stairs, and collapse on the broken furniture. I have some lovely memories of that building, including the first class I took with Mr N. He accused me of not doing a good job of turning the pages of the Bible we were sharing. I was doing an excellent job - he was just upset because I was in charge.

Sigh. I suppose it's a new degree and a new building. I don't handle change well. I'll take some pictures the next time I go there. I don't think that any of you were Monash people, but at least you can see the neon glow and understand my old person confusion.

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