Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's been a busy few weeks.

Last weekend some friends and I went to the Hanging Rock Harvest Picnic. It was such a lovely day. I had the most amazing salted caramel ice-cream. Today I was talking to an ice-cream maker (don't worry, it was a human one), and he said that salted caramel ice-cream is VERY hard to find because it's difficult to make and store. I can't help but be quite sad about that. I think it's now my favourite food.

Anyway, at Hanging Rock, I ticked something off on my list that I didn't even know was on there. I got my face painted. Every time I go to a street festival or some kind of community event, I always see face painters and I always stare wistfully at them before deciding I'm too old. WELL. Not this time. With a little bit of encouragement (and two friends who agreed to get their faces done as well) I spent a day skipping about with a purple butterfly on my face. I was so delighted.

Ridiculous huh.

Today started off in a horrible way but got much better. I got dumped by Mr D (my trainer), although in his defence he was lovely about it and explained that he needed to focus on uni - something I completely understand. But I'm still annoyed. Mr G was really kind about it and fixed the day by escorting me to a beer, cider and wine tasting in the city. We stopped off at this crazy little store where we bought his sister her birthday present. I insisted that the only good present would be a coprolite. Love it. Better than a JB voucher anyday. I also saw a life-size paper skeleton. I'm going back for that. It'll be a feel better present to myself.


  1. And you so rocked that butterfly! I'm so glad you had a good time and enjoyed the face paint.

    1. Hmm. I just realised why you chose your design. Green Lantern.

      Safe House soon? Hoyts?

  2. I missed out on face painting? Damn it :(