Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Love from far away

Didn't eat enough breakfast, went to a meeting and didn't really understand what was going on, got given more work, ate an average lunch, got interrupted so much I gave up on my break, asked for stuff to be done and got no response at all. Then I got home and made a horrible salty dinner.

Tired and close to death, I fired up my beloved lappy in a last ditch attempt to revive my day and found a lovely email waiting for me.

The subject was:

Hellooooo Melbourne buddy!!‏

Heh :-D

The other Miss A had somehow heard my desperate call for help (muffled by a face full of cookie), and told me to come stay with her in Sydney. I haven't even talked to her in months. Amazing.

I'm going in January. With a quick stop in Canberra so I can check out the National Library and bump up my nerd-cred.

The other Miss A and I met in London and after months of being weird and awkward, realised that we are the same person. We giggled over the cute but dorky guy, and laughed at the awful fashion obsessed cow that ruled the office. We ate muffins and asked for directions at Scotland Yard. True love.

Then we broke up. I came back to Melbourne, and she went to Sydney. The dream team was no more. But then we decided that such a glorious friendship had to be maintained and we began writing letters. I love letters. Emails just aren't as interesting. There's no effort involved in an email. You can't pour over old emails and feel the same joy as a real letter gives.

Hmmm. That little 'I love letters' speech has inspired me. I might write Mr C a letter as well. I can tell him all about the terrible creatures that live on the ocean floor (this is what I looked at for a reasonable part of the day), and cheer up his life in SA. Sometimes he seems terribly grim about things there.

Anyway, I'm going to write to them both and tell them all about what I discovered today. The hagfish. It covers it's prey in foul goo, suffocating it. Then it slides two retractable plates filled with teeth (it has no jaw) out of it's face and eats.


Mr C will love it. Miss A will be impressed. Tomorrow, love will be spread around Oz and I'll have a great day.

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