Friday, November 18, 2011

Kickboxing for useless people

Despite kicking my trainer instead of the bag, almost throwing up and being totally exhausted at the end (to the point that I can't move), that was the best training session I've ever had.

It was about 25C while we were training, and I don't think I've ever been this sweaty (I know, what a marvellous thing to announce).

I'm getting a more complex training plan that will involve 5 days a week. I admitted that I'd been lazy and exhausted and that I can't seem to manage myself very well. My brilliant trainer is dealing with that very well, and is going to give me an eating plan too. He knows I have no intention of sticking to it, but he said it might help anyway.

I'm pretty happy with things despite the lazy behaviour - I'm much stronger and my back never hurts now. Mr G and I are going hiking early next year, and I was thinking that since we love it so much, we should do something similar for our honeymoon. I was a driving force behind a lot of the strange things we did when we traveled, so if i put together a new request list, I'm sure Mr G will agree to at least some of them. He loves to go to new places and explore (although I'll have to be stern about his guitar not coming this time), so I don't think I'll need to do much convincing.

On a completely unrelated topic, I freaked out at work the other day because I thought I saw someone I used to date. Turned out it wasn't him, but it just rattled me. I have had people I don't like come to the front desk before, and that was confronting, but what do librarians do when an ex-boyfriend comes to the desk? I suppose it depends on how the current relationship is. If Mr C rocked up at work I'd probably tackle him for an epic hug. If a difficult ex arrived I'd probably get security. Thankfully I usually have a good desk partner on with me.

Can't keep typing, I think I need to peel myself off this chair and get more water. Body hurts.

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