Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ode to a great man

I've been on the receiving end of some cruelty lately.  I don't think I deserved the things that were said, but they're out there now and unfortunately for the people who decided to vent their frustrations in my direction, they can't be forgotten. The hurt that it caused got me thinking about the people in my life. One person in particular.

I have a friend called Nathan. My pic on the left is his work. I was firmly against the picture at first, then he did such a good job I had to apologise for all the dark looks I threw at him.

In case you don't get it: VOLTRON.
He keeps making these t-shirts and putting them up on Red Bubble. I am always whinging at him because I can't wear most of the colours that his shirts come in. I have brown skin, rather un-tameable black hair and green/brown eyes. There are certain things I can't pull off. But now he's made a shirt in fire engine red and another in a deep octopus purple. The colour sort of reminds me of tasty pulpo. God. Pulpo. Disgusting and delicious at the same time...

He's also got a lovely voice. I spent about 11 years not realising that he could sing, something which he seems to find rather amusing. I keep making him play The Good Gardner because he does it beautifully. Once I managed to convince him to play it to me when we were sitting in my lounge room. I think he found my staring a little bit freaky, but he got through it in the end by refusing to make eye contact.

But the best thing about Nath is that he has seen the best and the worst of me and he still wants to hang out. In situations where most people would fling up a bit of jerk-like behaviour, he takes a kinder path. I've seen him get angry (it was awesome, he told some jocks where to shove it) and I've seen him get frustrated, but I've never seen him be mean or cruel.

He's rad and I'm lucky to have him around.

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  1. I've lived with him, and he still puts up with me. The man is a saint.