Sunday, December 19, 2010

New face.

Things have changed because this is not 2009 and I'm clearly no longer doing the Camino. In fact, 2010 is almost over as well. But my adventuring is not quite over yet. Yes, I'm in Melbourne and not having grand trips all over the world. But I'm in Melbourne! The second best city in the world!

Also, I'm a librarian now, which means I can do what I want. Being a librarian is the best job ever. I go to work, do a bunch of cool things (touch Megladon teeth, catalogue books about sea snails that are in Russian, sass people in power) and then feel sad when it's home time.

Unfortunately, my everyday non-work life has become a little bit dull, so I'm going to jazz it up with some new adventures. Here are some things I think I should do.

1. Fly a plane. Even if it's one of those stupid introductory flights.
2. Go caving in Victoria. I'm claustrophobic and afraid of the dark so this seems like a great idea. I mean real caving, with head torches and climbing gear.
3. Eat the coat of arms. I eat roo a lot, but I've never eaten emu.
4. Go zorbing. I am sure I will hate every second of it, but for some reason I have to try it. It's like brussel sprouts. Last Christmas I was in London and we had Christmas lunch with friends. There were brussel sprouts. Even though I knew I didn't like them, I thought 'I have to try these and see if I've changed'. They were repulsive, but I didn't stop at one. I ate about five, in the hope that the sprouts would win. Hmm. This isn't like zorbing at all.
5. This isn't an adventure, but I'm going to start going to movies on my own. I miss a lot of movies that I'd like to see on the big screen because other people don't want to see them, or people say 'yeah, I'd love to see that, but I can only go after this date so wait for me' and then it never happens. So screw them, I'm not even going to ask anymore. I'm going alone and that just means more popcorn for me.

Oh! And I'm getting a very interesting portrait done. My housemate is a talented artist, and I've now commissioned him. It's a very vain thing to do, getting a portrait. I have this strange idea that once I have the portrait, my 17th/18th century fantasies will start coming true and I'll have an estate and a grand house with a huge library and private chapel and I'll learn to play the piano and ride horses.

6. Learn to play the piano.

7. Learn to ride a horse.

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  1. Wait, Melbourne is the second best city in the world? What's the first? Melbourne is the best for me.

    And I love your list, especially #5. Years ago, I used to work a 9am shift that finished at noon. So I'd get lunch and take it to the movies. There were usually less than 10 people in the cinema, and I saw lots of movies I wanted to see.