Wednesday, January 1, 2014

camembert vs brie

First day of the new  year and I've solved something that has haunted me for a decade. Do I like Camembert or Brie better? I know I have a strong preference for one over the other, but I can never remember which one. Official differences between the two? Cattle types, cattle feed and the size of the wheels.

The problem started when I decided I needed a good way to remember which one was better. Rather than writing it down somewhere, I immediately thought "well, brie is Bree, where the Prancing Pony is, and that scene was a bit sinister so that's how I'll remember I don't like Brie."

No. Because I love LOTR. I love it. So every single time I went to buy some fancy cheese I'd think "Bree.  Great book that. I'll get some Brie."  But a small part of me would wonder if I had it right. So I'd end up with two small cheeses instead of one giant spectacular one.

I finally did a quiet taste test for the sole purpose of gorging over NYE finding out the truth. It's Camembert. I like Camembert. I tried to think of something that would allow me to associate the word Camembert with greatness (better than LOTR) but all I could think of was Bert. And Bert and Ernie terrify me. It all started when I had a Sesame Street viewfinder that rotated through some joyful and lovely pictures of my favourite friends.  I was about three.  However, one of the images was a Halloween image with Ernie and a pumpkin.  I was so scared I would try to click through as fast as I could, but I was too small and adorable to think of a better way out and therefore I was forced to look at this freakish scene again and again. Bert is tainted by association.

There is no hope. I think I'll just move to hard cheeses this year.

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