Thursday, February 3, 2011

Trying to complete the list again

I sort of forgot about my list. I got too involved in REAL LIFE. And as we all know, real life has no place here. Poor form on my part, but it's fixed because I'm getting through the list once again.

I'm going to ride a horsie this weekend. I have no idea why, but recently I've started using 'horsie'. I had to answer a question about a horse at my job the other day, and it took all my power to just say 'horse'. In my head I shrieked 'iiieeee!'

So, this is a big deal because horsies like to eat human flesh. This is a fact. Once you give them the taste for it, they can't help themselves. Much like zombies. Just check out their chompers. MASSIVE TEETH. I have huge front teeth, so if I get bitten then I'm damn well going to bite back. Then I'll stand back, and the horsie and I will have to grudgingly accept that we belong together.

Seriously, I'm really quite excited. It will be just like my time on an elephant. Only this time I'll be going slowly and in single file with a bunch of others. So instead of pretending that I'm heading for battle, I'll have to make do with pretending that I'm returning from months of hand-to-hand combat, exhausted and on a new mount that I have captured from my enemies.

So. This weekend I'm going to be returning from my campaign on a shiny steed, with loot and prisoners.

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